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«The story of a neglected warning»


Entertaining courses and lectures for companies and organizations wanting to improve on Quality, Culture and Working Environment. The presentation techniques varies from pure lectures, group work, practical practice in their own workplace, to the use of actors engaging the audience. Time and place of implementation have minimal limitations.

Odd Sevland Edutainment want to bring your message from the head to the heart.

All of this can of course be customized to your demand

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Entertaining presentation that will create fierce enthusiasm for why work environment measures are important

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Statutory course (Work Environment Act) Basic Course Working Environment HSE Training for Managers

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Facilitator and conference services

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Teater Edutainment

Dialogue theater where the audience is used as advisors to solve current work environment issues

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Training and inspiration course

Why and how do we use our planning tools and emergency equipment

Who we are

Odd Sevland collaborate with local actors from southern Norway, who all have long and good work experience.
Odd Sevland
For a number of years I have traveled around performing my lectures and courses, starting based on an event where i almost lost my life in 1996.

My big recognition that this accident was caused by myself, with good help from the work culture I was part of, is easily recognizable by those who heard the presentation. This has also lead me to the possibility to develop or participate in big HSE behavior and culture programs for companies like Statoil, Aker, Glencore, ConocoPhillips, Hydro, Elkem, Exxon, BP and Shell.

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Odd Sevland has a long experience of quality assurance, and his experiences came at a high cost for him. From the mid-90s, many companies began to invest heavily to ensure that all work could be performed within the regulations. Then what is the reason why good procedures, tools and quality assurance are not enough? Why did you see such a small change in the number of wrong actions, unwanted incidents and accidents? With these findings, the human factor became a central theme. Odd Sevland was seriously injured in 1996 and began to travel in 1998 with the recognition that he was the one who was the underlying cause. But he also sees that he was part of a working culture that allowed behavior that was not in line with the company's guidelines. Odd says: "We pushed each other down the cliff, and I fell first,". All prerequisites for accident and damage were present. It was the closest to a account of a notified accident. Odds presentation is communication guidance and leadership training based on a self-perceived history. He also reminds us of something that's easy to forget: It's not just the one the incidents occurs to who pays the price, but also their closest ones.

  • Kjetil Tveit, Lene Elise Bergum, Geir Ludvigsen,
    Lars Arstad

    Odd Sevland and his actor partners are established artists and entertainers in southern Norway with several revues, performances and good theater experience. We all love to be on a stage to share a message or lead a meeting.


The Working Environment Act requires all employers to arrange for an employee to experience a healthy working day, both mentally and physically. We have good knowledge of the initiatives and measures to accommodate this and would like to share our ideas and thoughts. A safe workplace where comfort, achievement and job satisfaction are created is primarily corporate and socially beneficial. Because if someone is affected by something on your business, there will be many who have to pay afterwards because they are probably the most important people in someone's life.


In the summer of 1996, Odd Sevland became life-threatening hurt when he as an instructor demonstrated how dangerous it is to handle methanol. In a moving and entertaining way, experiences are shared about why and how we can put ourselves in such devastating situations in a working environment.

Lecture 1 "Does it take an accident?"

Inspirational lecture on why we all must contribute to a predictable and safe working environment.
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- Philosophy of conduct
- Film: Settlement Time (Who pays the price)
- Truth of truth. A true, self-perceived story of how bad
it can get when systematic HSE work is not met.

Unlimited number of participants

Lecture 2 "Shortcuts and silent deviations, as well as barrier comprehension"

What power is it that causes us to end up in situations where people, external environment or reputation are injured?
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- HMS History and Examples
- Gruppearbeid
- Availability of current silent deviation
- Expendence to close silent deviation
- Arenaer and communication technology for closing silent deviation
Reporting of observations
- Functional work environment measures

6-60 participants

Inspirational courses


Statutory course

"HSE for managers" (mandatory for senior management)
Vi follow the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority's expectations for the content of the education (learn more about this on the Norwegian Labor Inspection website)
Teaching and group work Time 4 - 6 hours - Minimum 8 participants per course
The course participant will receive a course certificate based on the Working Environment Act §3-5

"Basic Course: Working Environment" 40 hours
This safety representative course is a course that a number of managers also chooses to take. We follow the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate's guidance is followed to content and goal achievement. See the Labor Inspectorate's website. Teaching, self-employment, group work Time 4x7 hours + 12 hours self-employment. Time usage can be adjusted by internal agreement. Minimum 8 participants per course
The course participants will receive a course certificate.

Teater Edutainment

Here, actors are used in teaching where course participants actively advise on how we can and will solve a given situation. It will be shared a lot of good and proper experience of the course participants themselves, which means that they get a strong ownership of necessary HSE measures. Teaching, Group work and acting Time 3 - 7 hours 6-40 participants Facilitator and conference services Odd Sevland can also take responsibility for the implementation, planning and facilitation of the gatherings.